Graham has written and continuously updated for over a quarter century the essential resource on Canada’s federal labour relations board.

Clarke’s Canada Industrial Relations Board

This book represents years of time-consuming work for which we should all be grateful, even more so because it is produced by someone who also maintains a busy labour law practice…This book is bible and hymn book combined. It sets out the Code, chapter and verse. It is always clear, up to date and accurate. No labour practitioner should be without it.

From the 1999 Foreword by Andrew C.L. Sims, Q.C.
Chair, Sims Task Force

Canada Labour Relations Board: An Annotated Guide

Practitioners, both experienced and novice, now have a useful tool when preparing cases for the Board. Add to that the fact the work will be updated on a continuous basis, and Graham’s book should soon become an invaluable reference to anyone having matters before the CLRB.

From the 1992 Foreword by Hugh R. Jamieson
Vice-Chair, Canada Labour Relations Board

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